What’s On Your Mind?

“The mind of the people is made up for it by . . . those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion and know how to skillfully supply the public with ‘inherited prejudices’ and ‘verbal formulas.’ ” – Ty & Charlene Bollinger “Man is what suits a particular type of society in a particular…

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What’s The Song Of Your Bells?

Thank you for making me a small part of your life. Your words of encouragement have been seeds of inspiration. Words of disagreement, opportunities for reflection and refinement. Working with a broad cross-section of nationalities, cultures and people groups in a variety of countries has given me a deep appreciation of the value that each person’s contribution makes to the mosaic of life. That brings…

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Ten Values

Ten Values You Can Build Upon The last five miles of the marathon were grueling. The muscles in my left leg were screaming, “STOP!” The encouragement of the anonymous crowd kept me going and I finally crossed the finish line. I discovered that I had omitted one detail in my training that was the cause…

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